Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle are communities of learning characterised by high expectations for learners to achieve excellence, academic rigour, innovation and purpose, within environments that engage, empower and enable.

Informed by the Position Description for a Teacher in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese, Teacher Librarians support and implement a shared vision for their school community/ies to achieve best practice in learning.

Within a contemporary learning environment, the role of a Teacher Librarian has two key dimensions:                         

  • Teaching and learning
  • Information and resource management

This role description should be read and understood within the following context regarding the purpose of the Library and associated roles of personnel as they relate to contemporary teaching and learning:

Our library has evolved  to the ‘learning hub’ and includes information spaces to learning and social spaces; the space is welcoming, appealing and functional in design; spaces are available for independent and small group teaching and learning, class and other collaborative groupings, staff and parent meetings, workshops and communal gatherings. The learning hub has various flexible furniture.

The Teacher Librarian

Engages in professional learning by:

  • Participating and engaging in professional learning and networking with other colleagues, to deepen their knowledge and practice.

Engages professionally with colleagues, parents and carers and the community by:

  • Modelling and sharing best practice regarding innovative and emerging technologies
  • Overseeing the work of other library personnel, volunteers and external providers, as appropriate, with the support of the principal
  • Facilitating a process with others to provide purposeful spaces that are flexible, innovative and appealing, promotes quality teaching and learning, and are available for communal gatherings and recreation.